We take care of all aspects of your estate sale – including the merchandising, pricing, and advertising service.

Consider the mechanics at a car dealership; they all wear a nice uniform. Do you know which one was hired yesterday? Who will be fired tomorrow? Or who is the experienced mechanic that we all hope works on our car.

The same is true of people who “want” to be professional estate sellers. Who has the experience? When I was 18, I wrote and had published an antique price guide and after college wrote a book on the “Criteria for Investing in Antiques.” For 40 years, I have bought, sold, and worked in and around the antiques and collectibles business. I can recognize quality and have access to professional appraisers to focus on the items that will maximize your results.

  • We stage the sale to be clean, organized, and honoring to the estate.
  • We don’t just price the big things and make up prices as we go along.
  • We handle the bookkeeping, and maintain the safety and security of your items.
  • Our friendly staff provides great customer service.

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